All transport operated by " " is subject to the following Terms and Conditions , hereinafter ("Terms" ) . By accepting these Terms , you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the conditions of use below, and any future revision and additions, as published in : . By agreeing to these Terms of Service, it confirms that you understands how our service works. For clarification, please consult the FAQ page before accepting these terms.

The contracted service only includes waiting on the flight clearly marked on your reservation ticket, in case you have to wait for other people arriving on other flights must be clearly indicated to offer the service, otherwise it will be subject to availability vehicle.

Price does not include: Airfare (unless otherwise noted); passport/visa fees; laundry; phone calls; meals and alcoholic beverages not specifically listed; optional excursions; services other than those specifically listed; accident, sickness, trip cancellation/interruption and/or baggage insurance; and excess baggage charges. It does not cover gratuities, which are optional and at your discretion.

Liability: The liability of is limited. acts only as agents for the passengers in all functions pertaining to airport transfers, tours, attractions, hotel reservations and accommodations, restaurants, meal and services, sightseeing tours and transportation of whatever nature, and assumes no liability for injury, disease, theft, damage, accident,  lack of fun, anger, disappointment, anguish or annoyance (physical or mental).We accept no responsibility for additional expenses due to delay or changes in schedule or other causes. and his suppliers reserve the right to vary itineraries in order to improve each transfer or tour  to the travel members enjoyment and advantage. and their suppliers reserve the right to cancel or rescheduled any transfer or tour departure in accordance with operation requirements.

Optional Activities that may be Dangerous: Depending on the itinerary you have selected, optional activities furnished by independent suppliers will be available at some of the places you will visit. Some of these activities carry with them the inherent risk of serious personal injury. These activities include, but are not necessarily limited to: walking safaris; horseback/elephant back/camel safaris; canoe/boat trips, white-water rafting and river cruises; locomotive foot-plate rides, cab rides or photo run-bys; helicopter rides; scuba diving; shark diving. You should be aware that your safety cannot be guaranteed. Should you elect to participate in such activities while you are on tour, you are of course, free to do so. However, you must understand that such participation will be at your own risk, and that WE DON'T assume no responsibility for your safety.

Behavior: Passengers are expected to behave in a courteous manner toward IRT staff, other passengers, Courtesy includes dressing appropriately throughout the tour. If a passenger behaves, in the opinion of our driver, in a way likely to disrupt the enjoyment or endanger the safety of other passengers, the tour leader or driver reserves the right to terminate said passenger’s holiday arrangements, without notice. The passenger will have to make his own arrangements to return home at his own expense. No refunds for the untraveled portion of the tour will be entertained. The right is retained to refuse any application for reservation(s), cancel any reservation(s) or decline to accept or retain any person as a member of the tour group at any time.

Medical: You must report any physical or mental condition that may require special attention in writing at the time of booking. You must let us know, for example, if you have asthma, use a cane or wheelchair. This allows us to plan for your needs if it is possible to do so. On some tours, it will not be possible. Some tours are not suitable for people with certain heart or lung conditions because of altitude. Please inquire. We will assist in finding a holiday suitable to your situation. Passengers should check with their doctors before departure as to which inoculations are considered necessary or recommended for your destination. Flexibility, a sense of humor and the ability to walk at least a mile a day unassisted will be essential. The driver has the right to disqualify any passenger at any time during the tour if he/she feels the participant is physically incapable and/or if a participant’s continued participation will jeopardize in any way either the individual involved or the group or staff. There will be no refund given under these circumstances and return travel will be at the participant’s expense. If your health changes after booking, and you do not inform us, or you are not truthful about your fitness for a tour, you are subject to removal from the tour on your own arrangements. You will not be allowed to book another IRT journey. No refunds will be given under these circumstances.

We are not responsible for acts or omissions performed by any person or party other than or its employees

All the photographic content displayed within our website are for representative means and do not guarantee that upon your arrival to the destination, everything will be exactly as portrayed. reserves the right to refuse a/o limit any person, whether he/she is a customer or not, when deemed necessary.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen items left in the vehicle. reserves the right to deny the service if the passenger is intoxicated and/or under the effects of any drug/chemical substance.

We will not be responsible for any incorrect or incomplete information that may be provided by the client upon the time of booking that can lead to problems when performing the service requested.

Smoking on board vehicle is strictly forbidden.




  • To cancel or change your transfer, call us BEFORE 8:00PM the day before your transfer in order to receive a full refund of your deposit, if you placed a deposit.
  • There will be NO refund issued if cancelled or changed after 8:00PM the day before your transfer for any reason. In case of a delayed flight we reserved the right to cancel the service if such flight is delayed for more than 6 hours, we will refund 50% of the total amount paid. Upon the arrival of a flight we reserve the right to implement a No Show after waiting for a set period of time, no longer than 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • If we cannot contact the client in any way or form after such period of time we will not refund the amount paid for the service because of administrative and logistics expenses.
  • Full reimbursement will not apply in the case of delay, cancellation, interruption or reschedule of a service by by any reason including (such as, but not limited to, weather or climate conditions and phenomena, hurricanes, earthquakes), inconveniences which may occur either by reason of defect, or as acts of government or other civil authorities (war, civil disturbances, strikes, etc.) or from any cause beyond control. Full reimbursement will not apply if the passengers violates any of the statements in the “Terms and Conditions”.
  • Except otherwise stated, Airport transfer or any transportation product cancelled without due notice are subjected to a cancellation fee according to the following scale: 7 days or more before the service begins: You will be charged a 0% cancellation fee of the total amount paid. 6 to 3 days before the services begins: A cancellation fee of 5% of the total amount paid. 2 days before the beginning of the service: 20% cancellation fee of the total amount paid. The day of the service or after the date of the service: 50% cancellation fee of the total amount paid.
  • When your payment will be in cash, the payment is on boarding; is very important that you know what for safety reasons our drivers do not handle cash. We include it for free to take you to an ATM or a money exchange.
  • On return departure paid: It is important that every change of time must be notified at least 6 hours before otherwise it will be subject to availability and there will be no refund, The driver will wait in the hotel lobby or address, for 15 minutes in case of absence, the driver will leave and finished the service.

All services that have been fully paid in advance will be honored and respected for the anticipated period agreed in the reservation, otherwise prices will be subject to changes in the Mexican currency and the US dollar

Tip for airport staff and driver not included.

IMPORTANT: Because our vehicles work 24 hours a day and have a schedule of scheduled services, we will not board people who are wet, covered in mud, covered in sand, or semi-naked.

Acceptance of terms: Payment of a deposit or final payment by check or credit card indicates that tour participants have read and accepted all stated terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.

Any booking made with, will be governed by and subject to the Terms & Conditions. No variation to these Terms and Conditions shall be of any effect unless made in writing by and with the authority of


All reservations are subject to availability and space in our vehicles. For itinerary changes 24 hours prior to your arrival or transfer, in your transport or tour reservation, such as: early or delayed arrivals or departures, contact us immediately at our reservation offices via whatsapp, our office for changes in reservations is closed at 17 pm, (Cancun time zone). Any cancellation on the same day of the tour or transfer generates a NO SHOW or full 100% charge.

Lost items:

Passengers are responsible for their personal belongings. We do our best to return items left in our vehicles to their owners, but please note that we cannot take any responsibility for lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced items. The owner must pay any charges incurred in returning a forgotten item to its owner. Many bags look alike. Our drivers do their best to provide you with good service, but please note that they cannot be held responsible for remembering which bags belong to which passengers. Upon arrival at your destination, check that you have retrieved all your belongings and that every bag, briefcase, computer, etc. be, in fact, yours. Small items are most often left in our vehicles (mobile phones, cameras, small bags and sunglasses, in particular).


Our transportation service to the Cancun airport or from the Cancun airport does not include tips. Tips are allowed and highly appreciated by our drivers.

About the prices and information of products published on our websites:

We do our best to provide accurate and up-to-date rate information on this website. However, there may be instances of items being displayed in temporary cache files that may be out of date or discontinued promotions and still appear in search engine results, please note that prices are subject to change at any time. Therefore we will not be responsible for typographical errors and we reserve the right to make corrections and changes to your website at any time without notice. All our prices are shown in Mexican pesos, US dollars, subject to currency exchange.

Incidents beyond our control:

In case of circumstances beyond the responsibility of the company, such as heavy traffic, bad weather, accidents on the road or road closures, the client accepts a maximum wait of 25 minutes after the pick-up time established on the ticket. Once the waiting time has elapsed, the client can claim for a service not provided.

Waiting time for transfers:

All our services include a free 10-minute waiting time at the destination indicated on the ticket. Once the waiting time has elapsed, the driver will leave the pick-up location. And the service will be registered as NO SHOW without refund of the money paid, we recommend that you check out of the hotels in time and be ready to board the vehicle, so you do not have to lose your service.

In case of cancellations:

Type A: cancellation request made within 36 hours prior to the pick-up time indicated on the ticket will be refunded without cancellation fees.
Type B: the cancellation request made within 24 to 36 hours prior to the pick-up time indicated on the ticket is subject to a penalty of 50% of the total amount paid for the service.
Type C: Non-refundable cancellation: cancellation within 24 hours or less before the pick-up time indicated on the ticket is non-refundable. The company accepts no liability in this regard.

For any pick-up at home, condominium, apartment or Airbnb:

The client must provide the exact address and the GPS address where the pick-up will take place, as well as a photo of the place where the pick-up will take place. The client must confirm the pick-up time, date and address at least 24 hours before the service. If the confirmation is not made within this period, the service will be considered as a Type C cancellation without any responsibility of the company.

In case you have bought a ticket with an invoice. To request an invoice for the purchase:

The client must send a whatsapp indicating the following ticket number, federal tax identification number, full name of the natural or legal person, place and date of issue, total amount of the ticket, currency, payment method, billing address (city , state, country, and zip code), contact phone number. Invoices will be sent within 2 business days to the customer's email address.

People in inconvenient state:

The company reserves the right (and delegates the right to its designated referrals and agents) to refuse to transport or reimburse any person believed to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs and/or whose behavior is considered to represent a threat to the driver, vehicle, other passengers or staff, as well as work tools. In view of the foregoing, and in accordance with article 58, paragraph 2 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law of Mexico.

Dirty the vehicle or destroy any element inside the vehicle:

If you suffer from nausea, diarrhea or any other condition, please report it so that the driver can take it into account.
In case of vomiting, wetting, defecating the vehicle, there is a penalty of $120 usd, as well as breaking, destroying any element of the vehicle, it will have to be valued with the authorities to establish an amount to repair the damage.

IMPORTANT: Because our vehicles work 24 hours a day and have a schedule of scheduled services, we will not board people who are wet, covered in mud, covered in sand, or semi-naked.

In the event of an accident during transport, all vehicles are fully insured. It is very important that during the unfortunate event, if necessary, the arrival of the representative of the insurance company to provide the necessary medical passes and the arrival of the ambulance.

It is not allowed to leave garbage of any kind inside the vehicle.

It is not allowed to consume food inside the vehicle.

All our services are supported by Cancun Cabs Agency S de RL de CV and Cancun Airport Holbox Transfers S de RL de CV having all government permits to enter the Airport and Hotels, Parks, Airbnb, addresses and locations.

We do not ask for and do not store personal banking data from any financial and banking institution.

Payments by credit card are made through the paypal platform through our Mexican fiscal account cancun Airport holbox transfer s de rl and only payments for our services are accepted exclusively from verified and clearly identified accounts, in addition to our prices do not include the tax and paypal commission.

Credit card payments are made through the Openpay by BBVA platform ( through our mexican tax account Cancun Airport Holbox Tansfer S de RL, our cash prices do not include tax and/or commissions. The company is not responsible for the data you enter into the payment platform. Credit card refunds take at least 6 business days, with the maximum charge made one day later, otherwise it will remain as a credit balance.

For any question please contact our reservation cell phone (Available with SMS, Telegram, iMessage, Iphone or WhatsApp) +52-998-704-8975, +52-998-705-8997, Tours +52-998-353-2877, or via mail [email protected], Iphone or Ipad icloud mail: [email protected], WhatsApp Link: we will contact you ASAP.