Yes. In addition we can pick up in any direction even if it is airbnb and / or vrbo

Taxi service is not the same in every destinaton. Sometimes you cannot simply walk outside and hail a cab. You may always arrive and hire a transportation company to provide the service inside the airport, but without arranged transportation, you will not only be bothered by the timeshare bandits at the exit, most of the times you will pay more and will waste valuable time in yet another line to arrange this.

After waiting to go through Immigration, waiting for your bags and waiting to go through customs, people just want to get out of the airport and have an assured transfer to their hotels. It's simply a matter of convenience.

It is also a way to keep your vacation safe. When booking with us, all your information is stored in a master database where we record the vehicle number, plates, driver’s name, time departing the airport, drop off time at the hotel, etc. So if there was any mistake or issue, we will have the complete information to give a solution as soon as possible.

The service is per vehicle (NOT PER PERSON) in capacities of 1 to 4 passengers, 1 to 6 passengers, 1 to 8 passengers and 1 to 10 passengers.

* If you prefer not to tip the driver, please bring the exact amount mentioned on your reservation ticket when your payment is in cash. The bill we do not accept are 100 USD, stained, broken or incomplete.

Once you clear customs and inmigrations, walk to the main exit door. you will probably be approached by time share vendors, they offer assistance with tours and transfers, do not listen to them and just keep walking, please look for our staff in airport arrivals area they will be holding a sign with your name.

Terminal 1 meeting point: PRECONTRATADOS area.

Terminal 2 International meeting point: Outside Grab n Go restaurant (after customs PRECONTRATADOS area).

Terminal 2 National (domestic flights) meeting point: Outside Coconuts restaurant (after customs PRECONTRATADOS area).

Terminal 3 meeting point: Outside Margarita Ville restaurant (after customs).

It is very important to know when you are boarding to check if your flight is cancelled, delayed, On-time or will arrive early; because sometimes the airport does not report the correct time of arrival.

The contracted service only includes waiting on the flight clearly marked on your reservation ticket, in case you have to wait for other people arriving on other flights must be clearly indicated to offer the service, otherwise it will be subject to availability vehicle.

* The service of the vehicle between terminals is $ 150mxn or $ 9usd

Yes, our system is completely automated, so after making your reservation, you will receive the confirmation coupon on your email to validate the requested data (we will let you know about availability service) then and we will provide the transfer service on date and time indicated.

We try hard to have a vast list of hotels and destinations for our clients, but in case that the hotel or place you are going to, doesn’t appear on the list of our search engine, please go to our contact form and indicate where you are going and how many people will be traveling with you.

With this information we will send you a personalized button that will redirect you to payment gateway, configured with the corresponding amount that you will need to pay.

If you booked a roundtrip service it is not necessary to do that, since we have an electronic scheduler that reminds us every service by date and hour until it has been completed. However if you feel more comfortable, our 24/7 customer service representatives may be reached via email, chat or phone to double check your pick up hour for returning to airport.

In case your departure changes, it is necessary to contact us to update your reservation information in our system and avoid any confusion. No extra charges are made for date or hour changes.

To confirm your departures or transfers you must contact the reservations office, the drivers are not responsible for confirming the departures or transfers to other destinations, if confirmed with an drivers and not with the reservations office, WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE OF YOUR SERVICE.

On return departure paid: It is important that every change of time must be notified at least 6 hours before otherwise it will be subject to availability and there will be no refund, The driver will wait in the hotel lobby or address, for 15 minutes in case of absence, the driver will leave and finished the service.

Yes, our service is 24 hours, which means we will pick you up at any hour of the day you need. Just be careful when booking.
We take reservations up to 6 months in advance.
Yes, most of the times it is possible but you need to contact us via email to request the changes, at least 24 hours prior to your service.
The charge is per vehicle , not per person . If there is 1 to 4 people on the vehicle you will pay one rate, if there is 5 to 6 people, 7 to 8 people, 9 to 10 people, on the vehicle you will pay a different rate.
To cancel your reservation, you need to contact us via email to the same email from which we send the confirmation coupon, you can send a phone text message or call to us. Before requesting a cancellation, please make sure to read our terms and conditions.
No. All our transfers are private.
Air conditioned cars, minivans and vans with a capacity of four to ten persons.
We will wait for you until the plane lands, we monitor the arrival flights.
Yes, our driver will be at the airport until the last flight arrives.
No, you choose if you want to book a round trip(One Payment) or one way.
Yes, a maximum of two pieces per person are permitted without extra charges.
All drivers are experienced drivers with federal permissions.
Please contact us through our group travel request to receive more detailed information for group travels.
Yes, our driver will deliver you to the ferry dock in Playa del Carmen.
The closest point you can be picked-up is the ferry dock in Playa del Carmen.
Yes, our driver will deliver you to the ferry dock in Puerto Juarez.
The closest point you can be picked-up is the ferry dock in Ultramar Puerto Juarez.
Yes, our driver will deliver you to the ferry dock in Chiquila.
The closest point you can be picked-up is the ferry dock in Chiquila.
The rule is: if a baby needs a seat, you must pay for one more passenger. If the baby rests on your lap the entire trip then you do not pay for a passenger.
Yes, we can have free baby seats and child booster on board of our vehicles previously requested in the reservation.
  • Cancun City/Hotel Zone : It all depends on traffic conditions and weather. The trip generally takes ½ hr to 45 minutes.
  • Playa del Carmen : 1 Hour.
  • Akumal : 1 1/2 Hrs.
  • Tulum : From Cancun to Tulum the drive is around 2 hours.
We can provide a 15 minutes complementary stop in any mini store. After that each hour costs $30.00 USD dllrs. per hour., Usually on Walmart, Costco or any other big stores stops we charge $30.00 Dlls.
Yes, mosquitoes are part of our ecological system and are in all parts.
Yes, we accept by Western Union ( and Money Gram (
Transfers can be paid with US Dollars, Please check our pricing table, you can also pay in Pesos. Check with your driver for the updated exchange rate if paying in pesos
The payment is made on board the exact amount that says your ticket; is very important that you know what for safety reasons our drivers do not handle cash to provide money change. We include it for free to take you to an ATM or a money exchange.
Cash payments apply restrictions not available at all times and at all boarding locations, please ask us if your reservation applies cash payment.
Deployed prices are for promotion and do not apply invoice
Please contact us and let us know what is your ticket number, full name, date time pick up, your lost item, Describe your lost item (color, size, weight) Anything that will distinguish your item from others.
To prevent leaving lost items:
Check for dropped items before exiting a cab. Awareness represents the best way to prevent loss. Before you exit a cab, run your hands over the seat surface, check your pockets, all the vehicle inside.
Tag your luggage with your information. If you’re in a rush or impaired state, you may forget some of the other tips in this list. To further protect your belongings, tag all your suitcases or bags. Include a phone number on the tag where the cab driver could reach you.
Our vehicles are constantly boarding passengers, in case of loss please report as soon as possible. We do not guarantee that we will find your lost item.

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